Monday, November 24, 2008

More paintings.

Eduardo painting in his studio.


Julie with a big hat.

Light hitting the floor.

Julie with that big hat again.

Alex's portrait is finished.

Up close.

This is one I did at PULSE.

The last 45 minutes of PULSE.

These next four are the ones in the instructors' show at the Multnomah Arts Center.

The train tracks at SE Salmon (plein air)

A little clementine

Girl in a green sweater

Fir twig

3 hour nude study

Yams (a demo)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Age five. When she saw this painting she said, "It's cute. I want that dress."

Work in progress

This is a portrait of 18-year-old Alex, who likes milk and computer games and is calm amid chaos. It's not finished yet.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sketchbook pages

A 45 minute sketch of Julie Webb, on a Wednesday night at Hipbone

Ben Fowler's band playing at Jimmy Mak's

Two sisters at the bakery.
A page about the death of a family friend.

One can learn a lot about trees by looking at them.
10-minute sketch of Sophie.

Daffodils from the senior center rummage sale.
Bookshelf and window.

Jonathan works at Starbucks and sings with the Portland Opera.
He modeled for my class and sat very still.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Our House" Benefit

This was a great party! Phil Hunt and Marianne Ghim hosted twelve artists and thirty guests at a dinner party to raise money for Our House of Portland. All of the paintings made during the evening were sold in silent auction, framed, and sent home with the buyers.

This is my painting. I was at a party and there were two naked people standing on the surface of the pool. Everyone could see them but nobody could join them. They did not move.

This is the scene of the party, taken late after the sunlight was gone.

Nychole won the silent auction and bought my painting. She is also in it. Look for her yellow jacket.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Not my work.

Here is a video. It is the work of Fraser, famous for his blue canvas portrait and other greatnesses. It features a baby named Jessa who is the work of Naomi and Fraser. It also features one of my favorite songs ever, "Pacific ," which is the work of Naomi. In the video you get to see Jessa holding on to Fraser's nose.

I love this song! I want to buy the cd.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Early Work

I call this "Dresser Person." Thanks to Jesse for sending me a photo of this painting I did, oh, probably around 1972. And thanks to my mom for letting me paint on the backs of dressers, which is why this piece is preserved and also may have something to do with why I have the creative freedom I do. She actually let me paint on the walls too. Parents, I recommend this policy.

Monday, June 9, 2008

NAKED: Art on Raw Surfaces event

This event to promote figurative art was organized by Studio Art Direct and was held at the offices of the American Institute of Architects, at NW 11th and Flanders, on Thursday June 5. It was like other First Thursday gallery receptions, only with actual live artists (Bill Park, Sidonie Caron, and me) drawing an actual live model (Julie Webb). The show includes one painting reproduced many times using giclee (inkjet) printing on many different surfaces. It also now includes many of the 25+ drawings produced by each of the artists during the three-hour reception, and these drawings are for sale. The photograph above shows some of these drawings as they were at the end of the evening. Mine are in the middle.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Demos and Studies

Art Media (my second home) asked me to do an in-store demo to tout the virtues of Multimedia Artboard, one of my favorite painting supports. This painting of Waikiki is on gessoed MMAB and consists of layers of watercolor, which can be picked up when it's dry. Some of the following images are from that demo, and others are in-class demonstrations or just me messing around.

This one is oil on board, about 9x12. I was trying to get the feeling of light reflecting on the floor and the different warm and cool whites.

I had a board which I'd painted with wall paint a long time ago. I was actually working on another painting when I saw the angle of my head in the mirror. This is oil paint, laid on with a brush and then scraped with a knife.

This is from last year, when David and I traded modeling for each other. He is a still-life painter whose work is just beautiful.

A study of Sasha. Trying to move into heavier paint in the light areas and keep the nice values from my "drawing."

Three Little Oranges and a shaft of sunlight. I loved the blue of this table...I've since painted it green.

This started out as one of the demo boards at Art Media (acrylic on MA) and continued in class to show how to put the background in after and use it to carve out and refine the shape of the figure.

This one's a classroom demo, acrylic on toned MA. These lamps stand in the corner of the classroom, and in this painting they seem to be playing out some human interaction.
This one I did in class to show how to go in real loose at the beginning, using your reference objects for inspiration and creating the color and composition you want, rather than intending to accurately copy the reality you see.

This is from a sketchbook image I did at (I think) White Sands beach in Hawaii. It was done to demonstrate how watercolor works on unprimed MA.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Learning is a Journey of Discovery

Captain Strong Primary School in Battle Ground, Washington

This mural was completed in January with the help of the 770 students and 100 staff at CSPS. About half of the students were at different schools last year and many teachers were transferred too because of school closures and changes, making this year a time of transition for everyone at Captain Strong. Principal Diana Harris wanted a project that would bring the school together as a community so she invited me to orchestrate the painting of a mural. It was a huge success, bringing everyone together and creating lots of enthusiasm as well as a beautiful finished work of art.

The beginning of the transformation


Butterfly life cycle

Circle time

Students and staff used Q-tips to make thousands of dots

The cougar is the school's mascot

Recess was a popular theme in students' concept drawings

See more photos of this mural

See The Columbian's online article about the mural

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Roots to Grow, Wings to Fly

Illahee Elementary School in Camas, Washington

This is the third of the elementary school murals. The first one was about twelve years ago at Fisher's Landing Elementary in Vancouver. They wanted a professional-looking mural and they also wanted all the schoolchildren to participate in its creation. My solution was this:
  • The school decides on a theme
  • All the children do drawings of what they'd like to see in the mural, based on the theme
  • I design the mural based on the children's concepts
  • I transfer the outlines to the wall and block in base colors
  • Each child paints using a Q-tip, one dot at a time, to fill in more colors
  • I paint detail areas such as faces and lettering.
  • A month after completion, the mural is clear-coated for protection.

It was a great experience for everyone at Fisher's Landing--the children were excited to be working on a project this big, the faculty and staff also participated by painting dots and supporting the entire process, and the finished mural looks fantastic.

This mural at Illahee is nine feet tall and eighty feet long and was completed in April 2007. It took a little over a month.