Thursday, September 12, 2013

IN STILLNESS/IN MOTION: solo exhibition

I'm excited to announce the opening of a solo exhibition hosted by First Presbyterian Church in downtown Portland. I wanted to do a series of smaller unframed works on painted boards, partly to save the expense of framing (and make these more affordable) and partly for the constraints of using solid-color boards and incorporating the color into each picture. The subjects are all women who work at local establishments, engaged in various tasks, mostly food preparation. The staff at Baker & Spice  and Verde Cocina were terrifically cooperative in letting me be in their space to take pictures (thanks, favorite eateries!). 

The opening is September 15 from 11:30 to one pm. The First Thursday reception is October 3 from five to eight pm.  The address is 1200 SW Alder Street in Portland. The show is open from September 15 to November 3; gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 9-4, and Saturdays from 9-1. 

The titles are listed BELOW each image; sizes listed are approximate. You can click on images to view them larger. 

 Barista III, 12x12"

 The Manicurist, 10.5 x 11"

 Bartender, 12x12"

 Pedicure, 9x12"

 Barista IV, 11x11"

 Barista II, 12x12"

 Layer Cake, 12x12"

 Market, 11x11"

 Dividing and Measuring, 12x12"

 A Refill, 9x12"

 Front Counter, 34x50"(click image to view)

 Barista V, 5x5"

 Waiting, 12x12"

 Order to Go, 11x11"

 Barista I, 12x12"

 Baker I, 12x12"

 Rolling Pastry Dough, 12x12"

Making Tortillas I, 12x12"