Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Improving an old painting

Shaffer Gallery invited me to come and be the artist at Saturday Art Live a couple of weeks ago. (I'll be doing it again on Dec. 22.) There was live music and refreshments and friendly people...rather an improvement on working alone! I took an old still-life painting that had some nice things going on but wasn't working overall. Took out the pitcher and put in a vase. Better I think...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hood River Paint-Out

Hood River Sunshine. 12x16.  My first painting of the weekend.

Mt. Hood and Summer Blooms. 8x10. I decided to try it again, since the day had progressed and the light had flattened out.

Old Trailer and Barns, 8x10

Mt. Hood and Valley at Dusk. 8x10. The sign on the gate at Panorama Point says it closes at dusk, but lucky for me nobody locked the gate. I got to watch the sunset over the whole world.

Sakura Ridge Pears. 6x6. SOLD We painted at this lovely farm on a south-facing slope.

Truck and Chickens at Sakura Ridge. 5x7 SOLD

Pear Orchard & Mt. Hood. 12x16

Columbia River Gorge, Morning. 8x10. This was on the fourth day.

Backlit Aspens. 12x16. Day two at the Mills place.Such a beautiful piece of land, it was not hard to find something to paint.

Some of these paintings are on display and for sale at Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River through September. I have the others--contact me if you're interested.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A week in Bend

Five days in a painting workshop reminded me how much I love being a student--particularly an art student, and especially when the teacher is someone whose message and approach resonate for me.

The last day and a half we had this gorgeous model set up with peonies and a black fan. Here's my study. It's 20x16.

Here are some of my notes:
When drawing, think about form, not line.
Whatever drawing skills you have WILL inform your painting, so go ahead and paint.
How you hold your brush can help you think like a painter.
Don't get attached; don't be fearful.
Paint your idea; don't try to match or copy everything you see.
Don't think while you're painting. Analyze later.

And one other thing I really liked: if you don't know what to do, stop.

The beginning of a still life.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Who's using acrylics?

I've given my students an assigmnent to copy a portrait. The original painting has to be in the same medium the student is using, and those working in acrylic are finding that oil portraits are much more easily found than those done in acrylic.

Let's see if we can find some talented/trained artists/illustrators who are using acrylic to paint portraits or faces. Comments welcome! Here's what I've found.

First a few of mine. These are all pretty quick demos and studies.
portrait acrylic painting

blue hair acrylic painting portrait
blue hair

James with squirrel





1. Satchel Paige by John Thompson. Beaut. In the Society of Illustrators 43rd annual this illustration's medium is listed as acrylic. I've left a message for JT asking about the other portraits on this page.
5/15 Update: He has another website, where the size and medium of each painting are mentioned. He said he does not use retardants or mediums except to alter the effect--not to extend open time.

2. James Ransome
is an illustrator who I believe works in acrylic (again, SI annual info).
Boy Wonder by James Ransome

3. Sebastian Kruger works in acrylic. Mostly celebrity portraits, and frequently shows a lovely balance of loose brushwork and tight finish. Here is a good blog post on his work.

4. Jody Hegwill:

5. Joe Sorren's work is more stylized than traditional portraiture; his handling of the medium is pretty spectacular and worth checking out.

6. Andrea Ventura's medium is "mixed" but I am guessing acrylic paint is a big part of it.

7. Here's one by A.F. Branco I found on

8. Stephen Bennett! BIG acrylic portraits. This one is 80x64 inches. Here's his website, and here is an article about him with good images (easier than the website to look at).

9. Helen van Wyk wrote a book called "Acrylic Portrait Painting" which is available on Amazon. She's an excellent teacher.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shaffer Gallery opening March 1

 Bertha Station. 18x24.

 Cortona Nocturne. 16x16.

 Italian Summer. 22x28. SOLD

 Morning Quiet. 24x20.

 Pearl District Matrix. 18x24.

 The Pink Villa. 24x30.

 Portland Afternoon. 30x32.

 Solstice Crossing. 36x24.

 Sunlit Sidewalks. 18x14.

West Side Twilight. 24x30.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Baker & Spice Show

Hillsdale, January 9 - February 18
Hawthorne Bridge, 6x8" 

Crossing the Ross Island Bridge, 20x16"SOLD

Shown here is a small study for the large painting on display. 
The Art Studio (Eduardo)

Wilson/Rieke Hill, Moonrise. 6x8"

Morning Quiet (Broadway at Clay). (24x18)

Morrison Bridge. 6x8"

Sunlit Sidewalks. 18x14"

The Red Door (Kirbister Museum, Orkney). 16x20"

Train Tracks at SE Salmon. 12x16"

Two Trees at Sitka. 6x8"

Sophie. 14x11. SOLD

Sunday Morning (Starbucks, 2nd and SW Taylor). 36x36 SOLD

Ship on the Willamette. 20x16. SOLD

Multnomah Starbucks (shown in unfinished stage) 24x36

Corot Moment on Terwilliger. 6x8