Monday, September 1, 2008

Sketchbook pages

A 45 minute sketch of Julie Webb, on a Wednesday night at Hipbone

Ben Fowler's band playing at Jimmy Mak's

Two sisters at the bakery.
A page about the death of a family friend.

One can learn a lot about trees by looking at them.
10-minute sketch of Sophie.

Daffodils from the senior center rummage sale.
Bookshelf and window.

Jonathan works at Starbucks and sings with the Portland Opera.
He modeled for my class and sat very still.

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alisafye said...

Hmmmm... my new-found revelation skills tell me that your boyfriend likes sushi, turtleneck sweaters, board games, classic rock, and is a master of origami. See? I tell you, that book works wonders.