Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Early Work

I call this "Dresser Person." Thanks to Jesse for sending me a photo of this painting I did, oh, probably around 1972. And thanks to my mom for letting me paint on the backs of dressers, which is why this piece is preserved and also may have something to do with why I have the creative freedom I do. She actually let me paint on the walls too. Parents, I recommend this policy.

Monday, June 9, 2008

NAKED: Art on Raw Surfaces event

This event to promote figurative art was organized by Studio Art Direct and was held at the offices of the American Institute of Architects, at NW 11th and Flanders, on Thursday June 5. It was like other First Thursday gallery receptions, only with actual live artists (Bill Park, Sidonie Caron, and me) drawing an actual live model (Julie Webb). The show includes one painting reproduced many times using giclee (inkjet) printing on many different surfaces. It also now includes many of the 25+ drawings produced by each of the artists during the three-hour reception, and these drawings are for sale. The photograph above shows some of these drawings as they were at the end of the evening. Mine are in the middle.