Monday, May 26, 2008

Demos and Studies

Art Media (my second home) asked me to do an in-store demo to tout the virtues of Multimedia Artboard, one of my favorite painting supports. This painting of Waikiki is on gessoed MMAB and consists of layers of watercolor, which can be picked up when it's dry. Some of the following images are from that demo, and others are in-class demonstrations or just me messing around.

This one is oil on board, about 9x12. I was trying to get the feeling of light reflecting on the floor and the different warm and cool whites.

I had a board which I'd painted with wall paint a long time ago. I was actually working on another painting when I saw the angle of my head in the mirror. This is oil paint, laid on with a brush and then scraped with a knife.

This is from last year, when David and I traded modeling for each other. He is a still-life painter whose work is just beautiful.

A study of Sasha. Trying to move into heavier paint in the light areas and keep the nice values from my "drawing."

Three Little Oranges and a shaft of sunlight. I loved the blue of this table...I've since painted it green.

This started out as one of the demo boards at Art Media (acrylic on MA) and continued in class to show how to put the background in after and use it to carve out and refine the shape of the figure.

This one's a classroom demo, acrylic on toned MA. These lamps stand in the corner of the classroom, and in this painting they seem to be playing out some human interaction.
This one I did in class to show how to go in real loose at the beginning, using your reference objects for inspiration and creating the color and composition you want, rather than intending to accurately copy the reality you see.

This is from a sketchbook image I did at (I think) White Sands beach in Hawaii. It was done to demonstrate how watercolor works on unprimed MA.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. That reminds me--I still need one more fruit painting from you. Not that I've hung the ones I already bought or anything. Ugh.

Heather said...

When I scrolled down to the self-portrait, I gasped. It's breathtaking, beautiful. You're beautiful, and I love that you're sharing your work!