Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Learning is a Journey of Discovery

Captain Strong Primary School in Battle Ground, Washington

This mural was completed in January with the help of the 770 students and 100 staff at CSPS. About half of the students were at different schools last year and many teachers were transferred too because of school closures and changes, making this year a time of transition for everyone at Captain Strong. Principal Diana Harris wanted a project that would bring the school together as a community so she invited me to orchestrate the painting of a mural. It was a huge success, bringing everyone together and creating lots of enthusiasm as well as a beautiful finished work of art.

The beginning of the transformation


Butterfly life cycle

Circle time

Students and staff used Q-tips to make thousands of dots

The cougar is the school's mascot

Recess was a popular theme in students' concept drawings

See more photos of this mural

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milli goesch said...

Aimee... What a wonderful blog! I watched Fraser's videos over and over. Your talent is incredible. The school murals are so beautiful. I'm sure that the children who shared the joy of painting with you will never forget the experience. 'Hope to cross paths with you again someday. Milli Goesch (Jolene's friend)

Jo said...

Aimee, I’m thrilled to finally see these murals I have heard so much about! I have renewed enthusiasm to come out west to see them in person. (Will the schools be overwhelmed by the amount of visitors who have made the pilgrimage to see the beauty with their own eyes? Let alone SK and her bathroom. She’ll have to move.) I can just imagine the art history books years from now: “And here are Erickson’s famous school murals from the early 21st century.” What a beautiful life you lead, and share. – Jolene

SageGreen said...

Wow! How amazing. I love the dots and that you had the kids do them. Great!