Monday, November 24, 2008

More paintings.

Eduardo painting in his studio.


Julie with a big hat.

Light hitting the floor.

Julie with that big hat again.

Alex's portrait is finished.

Up close.

This is one I did at PULSE.

The last 45 minutes of PULSE.

These next four are the ones in the instructors' show at the Multnomah Arts Center.

The train tracks at SE Salmon (plein air)

A little clementine

Girl in a green sweater

Fir twig

3 hour nude study

Yams (a demo)


alisafye said...

Aimee, my dear! It is soup season, and I eat it everyday and think of you. Get on that bike and ride on out here! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your comments are the best part. Nobody looks at my blog because I am a loser with no friends, my blog is a loser, people that don't leave comments are losers. You, dear Aimee, are a WINNER!
Did I tell you I was going to the gym everyday? Did I tell you I stopped?
How are things with you? What are you doing for Christmas?

alisafye said...