Monday, April 23, 2012

Who's using acrylics?

I've given my students an assigmnent to copy a portrait. The original painting has to be in the same medium the student is using, and those working in acrylic are finding that oil portraits are much more easily found than those done in acrylic.

Let's see if we can find some talented/trained artists/illustrators who are using acrylic to paint portraits or faces. Comments welcome! Here's what I've found.

First a few of mine. These are all pretty quick demos and studies.
portrait acrylic painting

blue hair acrylic painting portrait
blue hair

James with squirrel





1. Satchel Paige by John Thompson. Beaut. In the Society of Illustrators 43rd annual this illustration's medium is listed as acrylic. I've left a message for JT asking about the other portraits on this page.
5/15 Update: He has another website, where the size and medium of each painting are mentioned. He said he does not use retardants or mediums except to alter the effect--not to extend open time.

2. James Ransome
is an illustrator who I believe works in acrylic (again, SI annual info).
Boy Wonder by James Ransome

3. Sebastian Kruger works in acrylic. Mostly celebrity portraits, and frequently shows a lovely balance of loose brushwork and tight finish. Here is a good blog post on his work.

4. Jody Hegwill:

5. Joe Sorren's work is more stylized than traditional portraiture; his handling of the medium is pretty spectacular and worth checking out.

6. Andrea Ventura's medium is "mixed" but I am guessing acrylic paint is a big part of it.

7. Here's one by A.F. Branco I found on

8. Stephen Bennett! BIG acrylic portraits. This one is 80x64 inches. Here's his website, and here is an article about him with good images (easier than the website to look at).

9. Helen van Wyk wrote a book called "Acrylic Portrait Painting" which is available on Amazon. She's an excellent teacher.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for these examples! They are all excellent and dynamic acrylic paintings; it is great to be able to see the varied techniques used.