Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gingerbread Queenslander

Nay's neice Kyra installed the roof tiles. The front steps and roof trusses we made out of Rice Krispy treats.

Christmas in Australia. Naomi and I decided to build a gingerbread house in the local architectural style: high set, with a wraparound verandah, a swimming pool, and no snow. No snow was my favorite part because it meant we could have lots of color.

Here's Jessamine having a look

For the yard I wanted to do a candy collage instead of building specific plants. Naomi made some awesome palm trees out of the big peppermint sticks and some cotton candy, which started drooping and contracting immediately. You can tell in this photo: she did the blue one first

The humidity (87%) was a big issue. After sitting overnight, the house looked like it had been hit by a cyclone (also be an authentic effect). The hard candy was melting. The melted-sugar glue turned back into liquid and dripped off the board onto the floor. The railings fell off and everything sagged. The gingerbread, instead of going stale and stiff, stayed soft and was delicious to eat.

This is just from standing overnight.
We transported the whole thing to the Christmas Day luncheon, where the grandchildren eventually destroyed it.
Naomi and I decided we have outdone ourselves (and the candy budget--$115.00) and have nothing left to prove. In the future we will build only small gingerbread houses...unless there's a contest or something.