Friday, February 27, 2009



For the Lake Oswego Chronicle invitational show this summer I'm doing a painting of Kate Power and Steve Einhorn singing in the sunshine at Wallowa Lake. This was a magical day last September during Cycle Oregon, and the painting's title is borrowed from a song of theirs. I'm listening to their cd "Brick and Mortar" while I'm painting (thanks for the cd, Dad).

The exhibit is June 26-28 in Lake Oswego.


eMiLY said...

Aimee, you are amazing. I am so glad you post your pictures. They are inspiring. I miss you!

Mary said...

What a wonderful painting! The light is palpable, and I can almost smell the warm scent of the summer air. Beautiful work! To say nothing of the excellent choice of subjects - Kate and Steve's music is as warm and inviting as your painting. Thanks for posting this!

Kelly Lish said...

Aimee, you just blow me away-your paintings are just incredible, you make it look so very easy and effortless, it really just blows me away.